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We customize our client-centered

Eldercare Management services to meet

the needs of individuals or families in

difficult or changing life situations.



Our Eldercare nurses assist

in the coordination of services to meet the needs of you or your family member including physical, social, or health needs.


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Your Arkansas Eldercare Management Experts

Systemedic customizes our client-centered Eldercare management services to meet the individual needs of you or your loved one. Our case managers are registered nurses with strong clinical backgrounds who can act as “professional relative” to assist individuals or families in difficult or changing life situations. Our nurses adhere to a strict Code of Ethics

and Standards of Practice. We are available to help with locating resources,

decision-making, or managing stress.

Eldercare management can be particularly helpful for long-distance family members, but is available to you or anyone needing guidance or help in caring for an older family member.

If you or a loved one experience changes in life or health, our services may be of benefit

Indicators for Help

  • Self-care and or housework are neglected

  • Long-distance family members are unable to provide frequent support or oversight

  • You or your loved one experience difficulty with regular daily activities

  • Changing or worsening medical conditions requiring more medical appointments and treatment

  • Safety concerns due to living alone or without supervision

How We Can  Help

  • Complete an in-person assessment of you or your family member including activities of daily living, nutrition, health status, safety concerns, mobility, and any issues related to memory or emotional status

  • Recommend options and coordinate services specific to you or your family member

  • Complete regular home or facility visits for ongoing assessment to recommend changes or adjustments

  • Coordinate and attend medical appointments, and arrange transportation to and from appointments

  • Advocate for you or your family member and provide pertinent medical information

  • Explain and provide medical diagnoses or other complex or difficult topics to you and or your loved one

  • Act as a liaison for long-distance family members providing information and updates on in-home visits, medical appointments, etc...

Payment for Eldercare Services

Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Eldercare management is NOT covered by most insurances and is not considered billable services by Medicare or Medicaid.

We can provide information regarding the cost of services to determine what option

works best to assist you or your family member.


What Our Customers Have To Say

"My brother Jim and I realized our mother needed some extra assistance that we were unable to provide from a distance, your firm was recommended to us by a family member with good nursing connections.  From the initial visit with Stacey Henderson, we knew Systemedic was going to be a good fit.  Stacey was knowledgeable, reassuring, and professional from the beginning. She immediately established a rapport with Mom and has been invaluable in assisting her with her doctor visits, communicating with multiple doctors, and keeping up with her medications."

Bill Braden

Eldercare Management Services Customer

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