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Life Care Plans

What are Life Care Plans?

Life Care Plans (LCPs) are carefully researched documents that project, with best professional medical judgment, the anticipated cost of medical care, equipment, home care, rehabilitation, and other related needs of a person over a specific period of time, but generally over remaining life expectancy.

Life Care Plans usually are requested prior to a court trial or during settlement negotiations, frequently in liability and auto injury claims. LCPs also are utilized in workers’ compensation claims.

The most frequently referred cases involve head and spinal cord injury, burns, amputation, multiple trauma, or infants/children, when long-term expense projections are needed.

Systemedic’s Life Care Planning Services

In this specialized field, Systemedic offers a professional team of life care planners, with in-depth experience dealing with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, amputations, multiple trauma, and similar severe conditions.

Systemedic’s life care planning services are available nationwide. Charges are on an hourly basis, with the total cost depending on the complexity of the case and specific areas of attention requested by the referring party. We offer free phone consultations.