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Physical Location/Mailing Address:

LOCATION: 11617 Kanis Road
CITY/STATE: Little Rock, AR 72211
TELEPHONE: 501.227.5553 or 800.822.2680
FAX: 501.227.8362

About Systemedic

Arkansas-based Systemedic was founded in 1981, primarily as a vocational counseling and rehabilitation company. Over the intervening years the company has added a full range of managed care services which are detailed throughout this website.

Systemedic is a proud sponsor of Kids’ Chance of Arkansas, a scholarship program bringing together employers, insurers, employee groups, and others involved in workers’ compensation matters to provide assistance for education to those qualifying dependent children of deceased or disabled Arkansas workers.

Mission Statement

Systemedic is committed to providing selected managed care and consulting services in an ethical manner, through professional relationships and innovative systems.